Tuesday, January 6, 2015


At Family Dental Rego Park, we offer essential dental services to improve their oral health, including extractions. Extractions are needed for many different reasons: because a tooth has become infection, an orthodontic treatment requires a tooth to be removed, or a wisdom tooth is causing problems with the other teeth. We offer quality oral extraction surgery that keeps the patient’s comfort level in mind.
After the extraction is complete, our Elmhurst, NY practice, dentists Dr. Binod Verma and Dr. Supriya Verma give the following post-surgery instructions:
1. Eat only soft foods for the first few days, such as yogurt, pudding, ice cream, and gelatin.
2. Never drink with a straw as it can dislodge the sutures and blood clot, resulting in dry socket.
3. Take all recommended medications, including pain relievers and antibiotics.
4. Avoid smoking cigarettes during the healing process.
Many patients feel nervous when getting extractions performed, but they are necessary in many cases. We use whatever anesthesia the patient feels more comfortable with, including general anesthesia where a patient isn’t conscious during the procedure. We can also pull more than one tooth at a time with general anesthesia, so they don’t need to return for another extraction.