Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Gum disease in the main reason for tooth loss in adults. Gum or periodontal disease is caused by a buildup of bacteria on the teeth and gum line. Not only does gum disease affect your dental health, it is linked to other health problems including diabetes and heart disease. At Family Dental Rego Park, we take your oral health seriously and want to provide the most advanced options for dental care.

We are happy to offer our patients Arestin as part of a comprehensive periodontal program. Arestin (minocycline hydrochloride) is an antibiotic. It is used in conjunction with scaling and root planing. The antibiotic, which comes in a powder form, is placed in pockets of the gums, which are infected with periodontal disease. The powder dissolves, so there is no need for removal.

Arestin helps treat the problem where it starts by destroying bacteria and reducing infection, which leads to gum disease. Although oral antibiotics are sometimes given to treat gum disease, Arestin is placed directly where you need it.

Dr. Binod Verma and Dr. Supriya Verma and their staff at Family Dental Rego Park take pride in providing the best possible dental care for you and your entire family. We offer a wide variety of dental services including preventative, restorative and cosmetic services.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Whether performing regular cleanings or placing dental implants, at Family Dental Rego Park, we care about providing our patients with the best and most comfortable dental care we can. One of the ways we do this is by using state-of-the-art technology that enhances our procedures. One treatment technology we use is the Simplant system, an interactive, 3D system that determines the position of each dental implant with 100 percent accuracy. With this system, Dr. Binod Verma and Dr. Supriya Verma are able to place each implant as precisely as possible, eliminating discomfort.

Simplant implant treatment planning software gives your dentist the ability to access three-dimensional information that helps him coordinate every aspect of implant placement and care. By obtaining accurate information on the width and density of your jawbone, the exact location of neighboring tooth roots and the location of the nerves with Simplant, the dentist can ensure the procedure is more comfortable and more effective at restoring your smile and retaining your oral health.

With the precise information provided by the Simplant system, your dentist is able to plan the ideal location for your dental implants and achieve the best outcome. They will also be able to show you exactly how your new teeth will look before treatment even begins.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Night Guards

At our practice in Elmhurst, NY, we see many patients who suffer from bruxism, a condition marked by teeth grinding or excessive clenching. Some of these people grind their teeth or clench their jaw consciously throughout the day, but an even greater number do so at night while sleeping. Many of our patients who grind at night do not even realize that they do it until the results of the behavior give the condition away. If you grind your teeth, you will often experience damage to your enamel, as well as jaw pain, headaches and gum irritation. To protect your teeth, you must seek treatment, and Family Dental Rego Park, we find that night guards are the best way to prevent bruxism’s negative effects.

Similar to those worn by athletes, night guards provide a barrier between your top and bottom teeth when you sleep. By reducing wear to your teeth and making it harder for you to grind, your teeth will be healthier and you will feel better overall. We custom fit these night guards to make them as comfortable as possible. To fit you with a night guard, we will take an impression of your teeth to send to our dental lab for fabrication. Night guards created in a lab are very durable and can last for up to 10 years.

If you find yourself frequently waking up with headaches or pain in your jaw, it is very possible that you grind in your sleep. Often those who do not treat their bruxism end up with TMJ, and they can even change the appearance of their face.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dental Bridges

If you have had a tooth extracted due to damage, decay or disease, it is important to have the resulting gap filled since gaps in your smile can cause your remaining teeth to shift out of position. When this happens, your teeth become more susceptible to disease and decay. At Family Dental Rego Park, we can help keep your smile beautiful and functional after an extraction with dental bridges.

Called a bridge because it literally creates a bridge to cross the area where you tooth is missing, this prosthetic tooth replacement is usually made from gold, metal, alloys or porcelain to ensure a strong and durable smile that can last more than a decade if properly cared for.

The process of creating a bridge takes two visits to our office. In the first, we will create abutments out of the existing teeth on both sides of your missing tooth. This is where the bridge will be attached. After the abutments are in place, a mold is made of your mouth for creating the bridge, which will fit and feel as close to your natural teeth as possible. The bridge will consist of two crowns, which will be fixed to the abutments, and a pontic, which is the prosthetic that will replace your missing tooth. We provide you with a temporary bridge while your permanent one is crafted in the lab. On the second visit, the permanent bridge will then be fixed to the abutments with an adhesive.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Electric Handpieces

While you might not think to ask what type of tools your dentist is using, the type and quality of tool matters, and at our practice, Dr. Binod Verma and Dr. Supriya Verma use electric handpieces for quality dental care in Elmhurst, NY.

There are basically two types of handpieces used in dentistry: air-driven and electric. Electric tools, which are what we use, are much stronger than air-driven ones because a motor is used to spin the bur, not air. With a stronger force created, our dentist is able to remove decay more quickly and cut down on the amount of time needed for a procedure. Often used to prepare teeth for restorative procedures, electric handpieces offer many benefits.

Whether you are getting a filling, crown, bridge or inlay/onlay, we are dedicated to providing the best dental care possible with state-of-the-art tools. By using the best equipment in all his dental procedures, the dentist ensures that all his patients are comfortable and their oral health is well cared for.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are two procedures that use the tooth structure as a base for restoration. Often called partial crowns, both inlays and onlays strengthen the tooth while restoring its shape and working to prevent further damage. At our office in Elmhurst, NY, we use these procedures to repair teeth when decay is too extensive to support a filling but not extensive enough to use a crown.

When there is no damage to the cusps of a tooth, Dr. Binod Verma and Dr. Suriya Verma will use an inlay for restoration, bonding it right on top of the tooth. Made of porcelain, inlays are both strong and natural-looking, providing an attractive solution to repairing your tooth. Onlays are used when damage is a little more extensive and are used to repair part of the cusp of the tooth.

Inlays and onlays can be created at a lab out of porcelain, gold or composite resin. Fabrication normally takes between two to three weeks, and during that time, you will be provided with temporary restorations while you wait. Once they are ready, they will be cemented in place.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mini Implants

If you have a missing tooth, it may make you feel self-conscious, but it can also have a negative effect on other teeth. Leaving a space from a missing tooth can lead to other teeth shifting. At Family Dental Rego Park, we are happy to offer you options when it comes to replacing missing teeth including mini implants. Similar to traditional implants, mini implants involve creating a post, which is inserted into the jaw bone. The post supports a restoration, such as a crown or bridge.
A mini implant is smaller than a traditional implant and requires less recovery time. The treatment process is also quicker than a conventional implant. Since the implant is smaller than a traditional implant, it works best on incisors. Small teeth of the lower jaw may also be replaced using a mini implant.
Our experienced dentists here at Family Dental Rego Park will be happy to evaluate your situation and determine if you are a good candidate for a mini implant. Individuals who are not a candidate for a mini implant may still be able to replace a missing tooth with a conventional implant.
For more information on mini implants or to schedule an appointment, please visit our website call (718) 699-8268.